Nibav’s Series III Standard Home Lifts

Introducing the Series III Standard: Your Home's New Standard for Comfort and Accessibility

The Series III Standard redefines home elevators. This innovative lift combines sleek design with the latest in safety features, making it the perfect choice for anyone seeking an effortless and stylish way to navigate their home.

Move freely and comfortably between floors with our cutting-edge technology. The Series III Standard is the perfect solution for enhancing accessibility in your home, all while adding a touch of elegance.

Upgrade your living space with a premium home elevator from a trusted Home Elevator Brand, Nibav Lifts Inc. Experience the difference with the Series III Standard.

Affordable domestic lifts for homes

Maximum Stops

4 Stops (G+3)

Max Travel Height

13500mm / 531in

Capacity Clear

210kg / 462lbs

A living room with a Nibav Lifts USA air-driven home elevator in the center. The elevator is circular and has a brown frame and glass walls. The surrounding living room is spacious and has a lot of natural light.

Space Required

1010mm / 40in

Internal Cabin Diameter

749mm / 29in

External Cylinder Diameter

935mm / 37in

Know the Key Advantages of Nibav’s Series III Home Elevators

Advanced Suspension System

The Series III redefines home elevators with an advanced suspension system for a luxuriously smooth ride. This translates to effortless travel between floors and a longer lifespan for your elevator.

Futuristic Engineering

Nibav combines cutting-edge engineering with premium materials to create a home elevator that’s both beautiful and built to last. The innovative design raises the bar for safety and style in the industry.

Modular Enhancements

Enjoy the convenience of the Series III’s modular design. Delivered prefabricated for fast assembly, your new home elevator can be installed in as little as 24 hours. Plus, the interior is easily customizable to perfectly match your taste.

Self-Supported Structure

The Series III boasts a self-supporting structure with a stunning polycarbonate glass shaft – 250 times stronger than standard glass. This eliminates the need for bulky support beams, maximizing space and creating a sleek, modern aesthetic.

360° Panoramic View

Experience the world around you like never before with the Series III’s 360° panoramic views. These vacuum elevators offer exceptional visibility, making every ride a pleasure.

Personalized Aesthetics

Step into a world of luxury with a Nibav Series III home elevator. Personalize your lift with custom engraving and design options, creating a masterpiece that reflects your unique style and adds a touch of sophistication to your home.

Pioneering Safety Mechanisms

The Series III prioritizes safety above all else. Exceeding industry standards, it incorporates a robust 4-layer safety system for complete peace of mind. Enjoy the comfort of knowing you and your loved ones are always protected.

Nibav Lifts: Your Trusted Home Elevator Brand in the United States.

Discover the Nibav Series III and experience the difference a high-quality home elevator can make. We offer unparalleled luxury, innovation, and safety, all in one exceptional package.
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Increase the comfort and accessibility of your home for you and your loved ones with an American-made home elevator from a leading brand. Our wide variety of residential elevators are designed to fit seamlessly into your existing home, without requiring major renovations.

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Peace of Mind with Every Ride: Your Home Elevator's Top Safety Features

Thinking about installing Home Elevators or domestic lifts for your Home? Safety is naturally a top concern. At NIbav Lifts Inc., we prioritize your well-being with industry-leading safety features built into every elevator we create.

Here’s how our elevators ensure a smooth and secure ride:

Automatic Floor Leveling: Elevator car automatically descends during power outage, allowing passengers to exit manually from ground floor.

Sure Stop Technology: Experience a reassuringly smooth arrival every time. This feature ensures the elevator car comes to a precise stop within 2 inches of the desired floor, even in situations with pneumatic pressure changes or unexpected speed variations.
Emergency Landing Button: Feeling uneasy between floors? No problem. Simply press the designated emergency landing button located inside or outside the elevator cabin. The car will automatically move to the ground floor for a safe exit.
Easy Manual Door Access: For added peace of mind, our elevators feature a conventional lock on the door. In the unlikely event of an emergency, this allows for manual unlocking from the outside.
3 layers of door lock safety Icon by Nibav Home Lifts United States

3 layers of door lock

Sound proof 2.0 Icon by Nibav Home Lifts United States

Sound proof 2.0

Power back-up Icon by Nibav Home Lifts United States

Power back-up

Noise lock safety insulated cabin Icon by Nibav Home Lifts United States

Noise lock safety
insulated cabin

Alexa integration Icon by Nibav Home Lifts United States

Alexa integration

Why Do People Choose Us Has Their Home Elevator Brand?

Improved Accessibility: Enhance mobility throughout your entire home for everyone in the family, regardless of age or physical limitations.

Increased Home Value: Home elevators are a valuable addition that has the possibility to significantly boost the resale value of your property.

Greater Independence: Home elevators empower users to maintain their independence and age comfortably in their own homes.
Value for Money: Our home elevators are competitively priced and deliver exceptional value for your investment. They are built to last, require minimal maintenance, and can significantly improve your quality of life.

Experience A New Level Of Home Accessibility With Nibav Series Iii Home Elevators.

Aesthetics Icon by Nibav Home Lifts United States


Nibav’s Series III home elevators transform your home into a more welcoming and personal space. These air-driven lifts boast unique design elements that complement your existing décor, reflecting your individual style.
Safety Icon by Nibav Home Lifts United States


When it comes to safety, Nibav takes home elevators to the next level. Series III lifts incorporate advanced designs and a robust four-layer safety system, ensuring worry-free operation for your entire family. For added peace of mind, Series III elevators are CE-certified, meeting rigorous European safety standards.
Performance Icon by Nibav Home Lifts United States


Experience the Nibav difference with Series III home elevators. We combine cutting-edge technology with beautiful design to create a truly remarkable product. Series III sets a new standard for the industry, offering top-notch performance, convenience, and safety – all at an attractive price point.
Upgrade your home today with Nibav Lifts — a leading home elevator brand in the United States.

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A transparent black and white circular air-driven home elevator from Nibav Lifts USA in the center.

Discover the Elevating Possibilities

With a huge leap in technological and aesthetic upgrades, the new Nibav Air-Driven home lifts 2023 model is miles ahead of its previous model and other traditional home elevators.

Color Options: Personalize Your Space with Stylish Home Elevator Finishes

Make a statement and find the perfect fit for your home with Nibav’s diverse selection of color options for Lifts for Home. Unlike other Home Elevator Brands, Nibav understands that your home elevator should be as beautiful as it is functional.

Our extensive color palette ensures you can effortlessly match your elevator to your existing décor, creating a cohesive and stylish look. Whether you prefer a classic and timeless aesthetic or a modern and vibrant pop of color, Nibav has the perfect shade to elevate your home.




Limited Edition

( Matt / Glossy )


Series III Standard FAQ

The Nibav Series III Lift is designed with eco-conscious homeowners in mind, featuring energy-efficient single-phase power consumption and a unique attribute that allows for zero power usage while descending. This not only reduces the household’s carbon footprint but also leads to lower energy bills, making it an ideal solution for those looking to add convenience without compromising their commitment to the environment.
The Series III Lift is equipped with an advanced suspension system that guarantees smooth and seamless landings at every floor stop, enhancing passenger comfort and reducing wear and tear on the lift. Furthermore, its silent operation feature ensures that the lift functions quietly, maintaining the peaceful atmosphere of your home. These features combined make the Series III Lift a luxurious, comfortable, and unobtrusive addition to any residence.
Yes, the Nibav Series III Lift is built with future adaptability in mind. Its modular design allows for easy addition or removal of stops to accommodate new home layouts or changes in mobility needs. Additionally, the lift is wheelchair compatible, ensuring it can serve the evolving needs of homeowners or family members with mobility challenges. This makes the Series III Lift a long-term investment in your home’s accessibility and value.
The Series III Lift requires minimal installation efforts with no need for a pit or machine room, making it suitable for both new constructions and retrofitting in existing homes. Its self-supported design and clear space requirements are detailed in the product specifications, ensuring a straightforward installation process that can fit into a variety of home layouts without extensive modifications.
With its compact design, panoramic glass view, and customizable aesthetic options, the Nibav Series III Lift can seamlessly integrate into any home, enhancing its style and functionality. The lift offers a range of colors and finishes to match diverse architectural styles and interior designs, ensuring that it not only meets practical mobility needs but also complements the aesthetic of your home.
The Nibav Series III Lift is equipped with multiple safety features including dual HCC brakes, emergency alarm systems, and child safety switches. Furthermore, it meets European safety standards, ensuring that it provides a secure and reliable mobility solution within your home. Its design also includes unbreakable polycarbonate glass and a self-supported structure for additional peace of mind.
The Series III Home Lift is designed for low maintenance, incorporating GLE technology (Greaseless Elevator) to minimize the need for regular servicing. However, regular checks and occasional maintenance are recommended to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Details on specific maintenance schedules and procedures can be found in the lift’s user manual.
Installing a Nibav Series III Lift can significantly enhance the value and appeal of your property by improving accessibility and adding a modern, luxurious feature that potential buyers often value, especially in multi-story homes.
Potential buyers interested in financial assistance can explore available financing options to make the purchase more manageable. Nibav partners with financial institutions to offer various financing plans, enabling homeowners to invest in their mobility without immediate financial strain.
Yes, the Nibav Series III Lift offers flexibility in customization to ensure it can integrate seamlessly with various architectural designs and personal preferences. From different color options to custom-built engravings inside the cabin, the lift can be tailored to complement your home’s unique style and design needs.