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As a trusted home elevator manufacturing company, Nibav Home Lifts has been a distinguished name in the Home Elevators Market, with a global presence across 12+ countries and 40+ experience centers since 2019. As an innovative home lift company, we are revolutionizing the perception of vertical mobility in the United States with our eco-friendly lifts. Our air-powered technology, developed by expert engineers, guarantees unparalleled comfort for homeowners nationwide. At the forefront of the Home Elevator industry, we are dedicated to crafting top-tier home lifts that not only elevate lifestyles but also enhance property values.

We lead in innovative Home lift technology, ensuring our air-driven home lifts are designed with your convenience in mind, offering a seamless and effortless experience that transforms your daily life. Compliance with rigorous international safety standards is central to our mission. We prioritize the well-being of our customers, ensuring that our air-powered home lift system adheres to the highest safety measures. Bid farewell to traditional elevators and welcome the future of vertical mobility into your home with our cutting-edge solutions.


At Nibav Lifts Inc, we revolutionize residential mobility with cutting-edge, affordable, and eco-friendly home lifts. Committed to enhancing life quality and property value, our focus on excellence and affordability sets new industry benchmarks. Our expert engineers drive innovation in vertical mobility technology. As a global industry entity, we cater to diverse homeowner needs, making living spaces inclusive and convenient. Join us for an accessible and technologically advanced living environment, experiencing the future of residential mobility.


At Nibav Lifts Inc, our vision is to be a global leader in the home lift sector, renowned for technological prowess, exceptional craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction. We strive for innovation, pushing boundaries to evolve and perfect lifts based on changing needs. Prioritizing sustainability and efficiency, we aim to contribute to an accessible and environmentally conscious future. Our focus on empowering individuals facing mobility challenges aligns with our commitment to enhance overall well-being.


With a strong global presence in 12+ countries and 40+ experience centers, including the USA, we envision the future with dedication to innovation. Continuously refining our lifts to meet evolving needs, Nibav Home Lifts stands as a beacon for cutting-edge solutions. Join us in shaping an accessible and environmentally conscious world. Our story centers on empowerment, enabling individuals with mobility challenges to move freely within their homes, enhancing overall well-being. Nibav Lifts Inc isn’t just a company; it’s a journey towards a more inclusive and sustainable tomorrow.
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Expertise and Experience

The experience and the expertise we show in the industry have lifted us to the throne of being the most trusted provider of residential lifts. Nibav Home Lifts’ in its extensive reach to the world’s most advanced and efficient home lifts offers models that can be optimized to fit your needs and style. Our European standard of safety guidelines is meticulously followed throughout the process of production gaining us the prestigious ISO9001 certifications. We take pride in providing aesthetically pleasing, and compact home elevators that take every individual into consideration, delivering seamless mobility solutions, globally. Furthermore, our all-encompassing showrooms, and experience centers in the USA, stand testament to our goal projected firsthand to the world.
Certified Quality:

European Excellence,
ISO9001 Compliance

Sustainability and Innovation

Building and crafting environmentally friendly products are in high demand, and we are no exception to the list. Our home lifts bridge the gap between innovation and sustainability, which utilizing air pressure to mobilize the product. This not only significantly reduces the carbon footprint but also exemplifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of unique designs. Our approach involves seamlessly integrating leading-edge technology with robust, fail-safe safety mechanisms. Nibav Home Lifts offers a compact cabin with a range of sizes, including wheelchair accessibility catering to the diverse needs of our customers. We discover and elevate your everyday vertical mobility experience to a scenic adventure in the most efficient way!

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Meet Our New Series III Line-up

Our Signature Series III model is a step forward in vertical transportation systems. You may redefine luxury and convenience with our ultra-modern air-driven home lift. It’s elegant and silent, and it uses cutting-edge air-driven technology to transport you between floors. 

Our Series III offers a simple yet attractive design that blends in with the architecture of your home without losing beauty, safety, or efficiency. Witness the beauty of space-saving innovation as it ushers in a new era of urban living. 

We at Nibav are determined to provide only the best to the households of California. Contact us today, and let us help you with true convenience in your home.

Energy-Efficient Home Lift that Perfectly Fits Your Needs

Two Person Home Lifts In USA

Series III Standard - Two Person Home Lifts

This model stands as a testament to innovation, without any visible screws the Series III standard is designed to enhance the home interiors. Apart from the design aspects this model meets the highest safety standards, and provides the best of comfort and convenience to the residents.

Wheelchair Accessible Home Lifts In USA

Series III Max - Wheelchair Accessible Home Lifts

The Series III Max model is the bigger and far more accessible version of the standard model. With the capacity to lift 240 KG, and an internal diameter of 1160 mm, the residents can efficiently accommodate a wheelchair. The Max model will cater to all the members of the family for an easy and convenient transit inside the home.

Nibav’s Series III – Where Innovation Meets Comfort.