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Air-Driven Home Elevators
in California

We are the leading manufacturer of air-driven home elevators that fit right into any home. With a global presence spanning over 12+ countries and 40+ global experience centers, we are dedicated to providing the best convenience to households. Our Home Elevators are self-supporting, built with bulletproof glass, aircraft-grade aluminum, and galvanized steel structure. Conforming to the highest European safety standards, our home elevators are the best option you can install at your house for stress-free living. Our compact home elevators consume less energy than a home appliance, require less maintenance than its alternatives, and only need a small space to be installed.

Why Choose Nibav
Home Lifts?

Value and Quality

Combining Australian Technology, and European Components, and investing in high-tech production lines, at Nibav we bring value to your investment.

Easy Installation

Nibav’s home elevators ensure minimal to no civil work which reduces the installation time to 24-48 working hours.

European Standards

We are also TÜV SÜD certified, which states a consistent standard of high quality across our industrial and management processes.

Nibav Home Lifts

Start your Journey with Nibav Home Lifts

With a huge leap in technological and aesthetic upgrades, the new “Series III” model is miles
ahead of its predecessor and traditional home lifts.

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Our Global Installations

Key Benefits of Choosing Us

Compact and Comfortable

Our home lifts require only a 1010 mm diameter for their base space while offering enough cabin space for two people to fit comfortably.

Light Weight

Nibav’s air-driven home elevators are manufactured using a combination of Aluminium and Galvanised Steel, This allows the elevator to be lightweight without compromising its strength.


Nibav Home Elevators operates on single-phase power and consumes only 3.7 kVA of power when going up. During descent, this elevator consumes ZERO power which makes it a GREEN Elevator.

No Machine Room Required

Our home elevator installation does not require extra room for the installation of the lift’s engine or any other structural requirements; this allows you to optimize your space, protect the integrity of your home, and quickly install the elevator.

360° Panoramic Glass View

It is quite common for one to get claustrophobic especially when traveling in an enclosed elevator. Our home Elevator allows you to enjoy the panoramic view of your home with all its glory.

Superior Aesthetics

With a panoramic glass view on all sides, “Nibav Home lifts” provide you superior aesthetics when compared to the machinery look of conventional home elevators. With our built-in model, the entire system can be enclosed in a single entity that looks the most appealing in any type of interior.

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