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10 tips to help you choose the right location for a home elevator

By Nibav Lifts Inc.

Dec 22, 2023

Accessibility Requirements

1Place the elevator in a location that provides easy access to various levels of your home. Consider the main traffic flow and ensure it serves the areas you use most frequently.

Central Location

1Opt for a central location that minimizes the distance from key living spaces. This can enhance convenience and make the elevator easily accessible from multiple areas.

Adjacent to Staircases

1If your home has existing staircases, consider placing the elevator near them. This allows for a seamless integration of vertical mobility options and makes it convenient to transition between floors.

Near the Main Entrance

If you want to improve accessibility for guests or family members with mobility challenges, placing the elevator near the main entrance is a practical choice.

Bedroom Proximity

If your primary goal is to facilitate movement between bedrooms on different levels, consider placing the elevator near the bedroom areas for added convenience.

Home Improvement

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